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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 27, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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bush's next move and it is latino vote. we'll have the latest on tropical storm isaac and could be hurricane isaac, soon. that is it from tampa. fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ this is a fox report. tonight isaac on the verge of becoming a hurricane. the predictions have changed. new orleans is in the sites and the gulf is on watch. right now. it is headed for the north and this is a problem. it is important to be on high alert .... new orleans now preparing for the worst . and communities all over the coast doing the same. >> i wouldn't do and whatever
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happens, happens. >> tonight, millions get ready for growing storms. and in tampa, delegates in the republican national convention get ready to choose their candidate. >> planning for a tuesday, wednesday and thursday convention and a week to see what happens with the storm. >> tonight, rewriting the script for the rnc. but first from fox, this monday night, the situation with the storm here in new orleans has gotten much more serious than we reported here in the studio. at that time the national hurricane center said it would be a strong category hurricane, the weakest of them all. they believe it will be a stronger category 2. at this moment, isaac's winds are 70 miles per hour and that is shy four miles per hour of hurricane street.
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it is less than be you miles from the mouths of the mississippi and has slowed down. think of the storm needs water for life. the water is fuel. the land will kill it longer it sits over the water the stronger it will become. it was moving at 20 miles per hour and now moving at 14 miles per hour and it will sit over the hot gulf of mexico water gain strength and gain power as it moves toward. it will get here later but it will be stronger that is the prediction from the national hurricane center. isaac will be between the florida panhandle and by - bay yoys of the new orleans it is it ripe for the french quarter it is expect tod bring a storm surge. that ruined new orleans in 2005. remember a category 3 hurricane named kathryn did
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not hit new orleans. it hit mississippi and yet new orleans way to the west got a 19 foot storm surge that ruined the city and flooded the big easy and left of the streets of the beautiful town covered exactly senyears ago, that kathryn hit the coast line and new orleans carries the scar. by any account new orleans is better prepared now than it was then with billions of flood control and levy improvement this storm is not as strong but that time, the storm did not hit new orleans. this is it predicted to hit new orleans directly and if that happens, according to those here, all bets are off. they don't know if it is it a category one or two or stronger.
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they don't know where it will hit but now the best thinking here just on the left of the map of new orleans. if that happens twill be a first and if that happens tis it a worst case sceniario. mayor of new orleans issued a warning to the citizens of this he told them to leave if they feel like it. >> we have seen the results of people thinking that they somehow are stronger than storms. the things are unpredictable. we thought kathryn was a wind and water event it turned woo a lev lev event. that's not what we expected. >> it is not what they expect this time but hope that the strong will not hit directly or west of the city. that is worst case sceniario. and ippedications of people in the south are preparing. dolphin island. folks boarding up the homes there we have the pictures.
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mississippi gulf coast. a state ruined by kathryn and katrina cat. fewer than half of the boats remain. we were supposed to be in tampa, but the storm changed the plans for millions as it did for the convention organizers. it opened at 2:00 eastern time and adjourned 10 minutes later. it was but a formamity. isaac is unpredictable. is it because because it is slog down it will jog to the right or left? of course it could. it could slow down further and gain more strength. the answer is yes. the hope is that it won't.
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because that would be a bad situation indeed. >> shannon green will have more on the convention we'll have coverage of the storm with casey stegal in st. benard's parish. and we'll get to janice. we got the notice from the hurricane center that they think it is a category two by the time it gets to where it is going. >> that is it a possibility. the storm is slowing down and that's the worst fear here and could be the legacy of the storm. if it slows down it could batter the gulf coast for hours and days. we are watching satellite imagery. it is eating a little bit of dry our. we have winds 70 miles per hour. and the hurricane hunters mission has seen and felt
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winds in excess of hurricane strength. we could see an upgrade in the 8:00 advisory and sometimes we get it early and will bring it to you. 200 miles per hour or 200 miles from the center of the storm is where we are feeling tropical storm force windine seeing the span of the storm extending further than that. and so a large storm system. the fact it is very long one of the reasons we are taking a while to get it together. we are concerned about the slowing of the storm system that could batter the coast line for days. >> they are very concerned about that too, janice. we listened to the mayor and governor and warning the people that the rains are expected to start tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night and all the morning wednesday and depending on the speed it could keep raining after that.
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and the strong surge looks significant. >> it does look significant. and because the storm is slowing down, we could go through two high tides that. is a concern. we'll show you the latest track. there is it a possibility it could be a category two storm. west of new orleans area and yes, it could be worst case all of the parishes are vulnerable in lude lude and mississippi. look at the time line. we are talking about wednesday and thursday over night and wednesday afternoon. 24 hours of hurricane force winds of strong winds of flooding and storm surge on top of that. and that will move in the plain states f. there is it any good news it will bring rain to the drought stricken areas. look at the precipitation.
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isolated amounts of 18 inches plus and some storm totals of 24 ins. and that is going to test those levels. >> if it does not slow down the fruthtruth is, it is not just for new orleans. everyone in slidele and gret naand pass yistian and fort walton beach and beyond. this is your storm as well. jackson, mississippi, you could get a foost rain and up north of little rock it could be bad as janice talks to the producers in the background. we'll be with her in a few minutes as we expect to hear the from the national hurricane update. we'll have it for you live. the storm is still causing changes in the republican national convention live look at the weather. oh, my goodness.
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what a night in tampa, first few speeches are set for tomorrow. and the convention got underway this afternoon. >> it is my privilege to proclaim the 2012 republican national convention in session and called to order. [applause] 12-- 2012 stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> with the gavele that was it 27 seconds in the entirity. and the republicans unveiled the two national debt clocks and the other will show how much it is going in the convention. >> shannon is live in tampa. they do not plan any more changes, right. >> you are right. they have talked about thatthis and maybe they would
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condense the convention further. gop leaders know it is one opportunity to roll out their mess annual and theme is a better future and want to make sure the american future have a full understanding of what the romney-ryan ticket is all about. history shows that after a gop conventions, there has been a bounce for the ticket. they don't want to give away that opportunity and they'll plow ahead. >> what can people expect, shanob >> here's what we actul about tuesday night. headliners ann romney a lot of people thought it was important for heritor heard in prime time. her personal life with her husband chris christy who told us he's excite nervous about his speech condoleezza rice and the vice presidential
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nominee. one of florida's biggest stars. senator marco rubio and gop nominee. >> and good day for golf, what are they doing? >> we have had several band isaac its rainy and sunny at the same time. they have come up with all different kinds of activities. they would spend time putting together emergency kits and trying to ship them to that were in isaac's path. 20 percent decide tod go home so they could be there when the storm arrived. an ohio delegate is aware of isaac and trying to balance that out with the message here as well. >> we are respect of of it. we have a president to nominate and we'll go about doing that. we can't not do it because this is the mechanism for our
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nominee. >> this is organizing. and one delegation at a sing along in their hotel. >> it is a beautiful day in tampa bay . thank you. >> around here it is hurricane preparedness. today was a beautiful sunny day. you think that no one is on the way. we went to pick up will water and look at the store shelves. the water used to be there. and un learning no more water was left. one shopper said i don't know what i will do? the city will run without problem idealy. but look at the rebuilt lev levs here mississippi coast and alabama coast and update. isaac expected to come ashore not as a category one but category two storm. where exactly no way to go.
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>> president obama reached out to gulf coast governors to discuss preperations for isaac. the white house testimonies us that the president had a conference call with the alabama governor and mississippi and louisiana and new orleans mayor mitch landrieu. he told them the federal management ages is ready to provide assistance. casey stegal was in st. benard parish stouth and east of new orleans. there are mandatory evacuation there for this storm. what is going on where you are, casey? >> we are in a sand bag
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station. we'll show you live pictures here. they are driving in here. hundreds and hundreds of cars get 15 sand bags per household and there are 15,000, distributed so far. they have 35,000 total to get out people need them. out of the 27,000 home necessary this parish alone. all but five flooded in katrina, shepherd. >> all but five businesses and homes flooded so they are evacueing right this time yes, or no. they are voluntary at this point. and people are living outside of the lev lev protection zone and 10 miles southwest of here in plakammon's parish.
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folks are listening. >> they are outside of the lev levs. people say they are not taking chances and getting the heck out of the dodge, shepherd. katrina devastated new orleans seven years ago. but the people say they have not recovered. many homes and businesses are still shuttered. she said she doesn't think her neighborhood will return to what it used to be. here is a picture of the home before katrina and here's what it looks like after. isaac is not katrina.
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val spoke to us again and the storm is making her mighty uneasy. >> and knowing that tomorrow is the anniversary. we planned a beautiful celebration and the people who drowned down in the ninth ward. it is overwhelming for people right now and the stress of this. they don't have a fire house or grocery store not in the sen years since katrina hit. >> we are expecting the next official update in 40 minutes. 45 minutes from now i think. the storm was close to hurricane strength. they say it was strengthening and slowed down and expecting to intensify over the warm waters of the gulf. and right to the mississippi coast. and steve harington is standing by live. one high school first day of
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class ended in gun fire. >> the first day, we'll see what is next. of perfection. g. of perfection. every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4 kosher. with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better-than-a-hot dog- hot dog.
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>> a live look on the banks of the big muddy. it is windy and cloudy.
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it is it wind schecloud yethey are expect to rain here and along the mississippi coast and alabama coast and parts of the florida panhandle and northeast texas. 36 to 46 hours nonstop. a storm surge that will be no fund and winds to boot. isaac is on the way. >> first of all other of the day's news. high school students who showed up for the first day of class left on a stretcher after someone opened fire. it happened in perry high school in maryland north and east of the baltimore. i heard pop, pop. and the teacher was trying to stop them and i thought they were just messing around and i was sitting in the class and there was lock down, lock
7:24 pm
down. police say the student who shot him is in jail. they are live in the school. perry hall and maryland. they jumped on the suspect right away when they staw the gunman. it happened in 10 time time 45 school cafeteriament they saw the suspect holding a gun and some of them dove for cover and others ran out. and one guidance counselor named jesse jumped on the suspect and prevented a further tragedy and hailed as a hero. the 17 year old victim is in critical condition tonight. >> what do we know about the suspect, steve. >> he is a 15 year old boy and being questioned by police tonight. he's described as an outcast
7:25 pm
and probably bullied in the past and had long dark hair and wore dark clothes a dispute that would be seltz caf-- settled in the cafeteria. first day of school and last day of my life and then the chaos ensued. >> we went to the library, right then the students are like, we kind much knew something was about to happen. we ran out of the school. i was not in the school. i heard a shot and i ran out of the door. they tried to stop you from leaving. >> they didn't know it was a shooting. >> i don't understand how he didn't get caught with the shot gun. >> yeah. >> he . >> you mean bring on campus. >> i am not going back to
7:26 pm
school until they get metal detectors. >> police are investigating the social media connention and the suspect is being questioned and he's cooperating with the police. they are trying to determine whether to charge him as an adult or a minor. they have oil companies that shut down more than 75 percent of all production here in the gulf of mexico as they get ready for isaac. that is coming up with teen coverage. a new update from the national hurricane center is come we are approaching the bottom of the hour and bottom of the news as fox reports tonight. these work, right? no.
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>> we'll get an update on tropical storm isaac and get to the mississippi coast as well. first, at least 85,000 people evacueed their homes after a monsoon triggered one nation's worst flood nothing a decade and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> burma, officials say that the high water submerged 600,000 acres of land. the flood hit in the southern delta region where the government set up happens of relief centers .
7:30 pm
china, a rare water spot touched down. and the witnesses say it lasted about 40 minutes. no word of swimmers hurt. no words of damage. >> ven zela president chavez towered the fire northwest of the capitol city of caracus. the refinery explosion kill would 147 people. it has pushed up u.s. fuel prices. turkey. temperature -- turkey. police battled thens of kurds. they refuse tod allow a rally in sport of a kurdish military group. protestors threw rocks and set off firecrackers. that is a wrap on this fox
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thip around the world and 80 seconds . >> it is brought to you by share everything. it is brought to you by verizon. >>im shepherd smith, this is a fox report it is it the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news and live from the banks. of the mississippi in new orleans. isaac could pose a problem for our energy supplies. the storm is on track to hit the gulf coast somewhere most likely in new orleans as a category two hurricane tomorrow night. the u.s. government announced energy companies shut down more than 75 percent of the oil production in the gulf. and workers evacuee rigs and platforms. that amounts to all but 20 percent in the nation. this will show every rig in the coast. virtually all oil production shut down for days if not
7:32 pm
weeks. and that sent prices in the gas pump soaring. rick is in mobile, alabama. the port in mobile has shut down? >> yes, it is it a financial hard ship for a city that relies on the oil and shipping history. more than half come in from the port here and have no choice but to shut it down. we watched tug boats and moving barges and other vessels out of the port. they hut down the rail yard that leads out of the port of mobile. oil platforms evacueed and shut down in the gulf. there is it a likelihood that gas prices could go up again. the price of oil sparked more than 10 dollars ape -- a barrel. prices could spike after isaac makes his way through, shep. >> and people getting out of
7:33 pm
there? >> what is the word on evacuations? businesses are boarding up and seen pictures from golfin island and ther boarding yup people are packing yup getting out. a state of emergency is declared in the gulf coast and a hurricane warning is in affect. it is it given for coastal areas and anyone living in mobile homes and flood prone areas. officials were concerned because it was so beautiful that people may not heed the warning. >> the day is to be prepared and develop your plan for what you will do when those dangerous conditions exist. >> and the storm is expected to imhere shep, but no one knows how bad it will be. >> rick leventhal live between mobile and alabama.
7:34 pm
>> it is what channel named a land mass. hemo, weather channel that. is callinged mississippi it is what hurricane katrina hit and destroyed. maybe you missed it the governor of mississippi, we changed it back to mississippi, weather channel. more than a thousand national group troops and air men are there to aid in the land mass known as mississippi regardless where isaac makes landfall. and as folks board up their homes in preparation for isaac. casinos in hancock county about a hour outside of the coast will close others along the gulf including those in biloxi are staying open. they take in 10s of millions for the state each month. steve is in biloxi.
7:35 pm
describe the reparations? >> the major casinos will stay open but not allow gamblers. it is it getting quiet here before the storm as people continue to leave and especially after the governor gave a warning that the most intense part. the northeast quad rant may hit mississippi. are upon you national guard expected and they will help with computer and rescue operations . the real trouble may come after landfall. and one-two days thank you very much deadly. >> they have been through so much for the mississippi coast. gatered for a doze knows of mimes. they are doing what they can. >> the storms can kill. and wauk talk tod a pastor who
7:36 pm
was boarding uplet church and asked him why it was important that the church staped open during the strong. >> after katrina, people flooded to the church. and looking for worris and hope and this was a symbol of hope for the community and for myorishoners. >> that paster will stay in the church throughout the storms in case any of the parishoners need help. >> telling the story. hard rock is open with rooms available in the biloxi, mississippi. >> with us is ed, down in south florida. >> it has strengthened and slowing down, is that right? >> it is now one notch shy of hurk hurricane strent. it would be a category one or
7:37 pm
two about this time tomorrow. >> tell us what they need to know. you think about the wind from the sang sack. but 90 percent of the poem who doust most from storm surge and both are in play with isaac. >> if this was moving at 20 miles per hour not as fast as andrew. but the thinking was that maybe it will on the in pick it up. and this is the pace or you know. ? >> we have a cast. and by the take it is five-6 miles per hour. snix've 12 inches and locally
7:38 pm
18 inches of rain is responsible. and storm wrong . here and mainly peer near the right. in this case, it could be six-12 phot of surge. y. they are working on another update. we'll have it live on the fox news tonal. >> belt toll is 19 for mighty . isaac riped on friday. one f 10 year old girl died when a house collapsed on top of her. the government force 1400 people because of the tent
7:39 pm
mamps that. some ofitose -- those are no match for isaac. >> and day one of the national convention for the republicans lasted a few minutes . big event is set to gentleman. poems showing her husband is struggling with women voters. can ann help. and paul ryan, with the biggest day of his political career. rive reports from tampa. it will be official in a matter of the machines . stay with us. . -- minutes. stay with us. .
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a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. >> governor romney's home in massachusetts geth ready for his big speech. and they think closing in on
7:42 pm
the gulf south is the hurricane. he was there for a send off rally before heading to tampa >> i think we should right now put in our minds and prayers the people who are victims of hurricane isaac and those who stand in the path of the storm. >> congressman ryan set to speak tomorrow night in the convention. organizers will track isaac but plan to stick to the new schedule. how does a political play hard ball it is nots easy. you heard paul ryan reference it they have worked on their speeches. paul ryan working on the spoach. and romneys were in new hampshire at the lake house and they spent time rehearsing and they made adjustments to
7:43 pm
accommodate and dress isaac. there is an abridged event. they were asked how to do this with the tropical storm and/or hurricane looming. listen >> how about the people of new orleans. >> our thouts that are with people in the storm's path. >> would you give thought to cancel the convention. we'll have a great convention ahead . respiratory he said he likes his speech but he really likes hers. with the rnc said with the calendar they are going forward. no changes folks who got bumped from today will be squeezed n. >> and republicans are holding their convention
7:44 pm
in tampa the president is planning on being on the campaign trail. >> we were told that biden's plans for florida were cancelled late this afternoon. obama for america they announced he has two campaign rallies planned for ohio and colorado. and plans for declare states of emergency. there are certain things that the president is responsible for that can be an advantage for a incumbent. but if he gives partisan and grass roots challenges. republicans will be less constrained about who you far they will be not with standing isaac and the march to the gulf coast. >> live in bean town tonight. ann romney is set to speech tomorrow night. and the polls are showing that her husband could use help with women's voters.
7:45 pm
president obama has a six-point lead among women who are likely to vote. four years ago women outnumbered men ther important. john is discoring that. >> they were the majority in 2008 and 54 percent and reliable than men. mitt romney has a deficit compaired to president obama. they have an aggressive outreach to women and talking to them about bread and butter and jobs. and talking to women entrepreneurs, as president he would do everything he could to support women who were building small businesses. is the romney campaign doing enough to woo women voters .
7:46 pm
no, i have found women are looking for detailed information and tell me how you are going to solve the problem and get the economy rolling again. >> the obama campaign ask trying to portray romney as hurtful to women. they have a new ad out women who are republicans going to vote for president obama. but obama for america campaign admits two of them are registered demdeps and one for six years now. and in 2008 president obama beat john mccane 56-43 percent. governor niki halle, believes that women are not buying in the arguments that president obama is making against mitt romney. >> women don't go by party. they go by decisions and things that make a difference with them. and i think the more the
7:47 pm
demtry to label women on one issue or one party. they are making a mistake. women are smarter than that and they will prove temperature >> in past conveptions there were single nights dedicated to women we'll see powerful women spheeking. nicky heal and martinez of new mers ann romney. >> back to you. sounds good. john roberts in the convention. the pentagon is reviewing a copy of a controversial new book by a former navy seal on the raid of bin laden. combing through it to see if the author revealed top secret information. and tours of the nuclear base thought to be a site of a nuclear experiment. and tracking isaac as it moves toward the gulf south.
7:48 pm
and we'll have a brand new update minutes from now. the track of isaac as fox reports live from new orleans. this is the plan that revolves around you. introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. tap into a single pool of shareable data and add up to 10 different devices, including smartphones and tablets. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr.
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>> we are but minutes away from the latest advisory out of the national hurricane the
7:51 pm
expectation is that isaac will be a hurricane. we don't know. we will go live to the fox extreme weather center as the news breaks just minutes from but first. but first. pentagon officials have a copy of the tell-all book thatabout the raid that killed osama bin laden. it will be a published book that is an account of the mission from a former navy seal that was no easy day. it is set to hit store shelves and mark the attacks that bin laden master minds. the former navy seal could face criminal charges . the italian regime may be ready to give a tour of the huckabee base. and iran is hosting a summit of 120 nations that are
7:52 pm
nonalined nation. they are chose to ally with the united states and west wunot the soviet block. they make up the largest voting group and today members visiting countries may get to the military base where they tested explosives. what about the offer to allow the diplomats to visit the nuclear site. iran said it is an important gesture. but hard pressed to find anyone outside of the regime to agree. they point out that the diplomats know nothing about the technicalities of nuclear and they don't know what percentage of uranium are riched in the particular
7:53 pm
facility is little more than window dressing, listen. >> my guess it is sounding like a consession to try to beef up the mimage and try to counter the narrative that it has things that it is hiding from the rest of the world but not giving away information that it doesn't want to. >> it is it a meaningless gesturing to the experts and more of the games that iran continuually plays with the united states and west. >> and johnathon, a lot of concern that the nation nation secretary general is showing up at the summit. >> this visit by the secretary general of the nation nation is something that u.s. officials didn't think should happen or helpful for moon to attend now that he is same u.s. officials are callog the
7:54 pm
secretary general to have pretty forth right discussions with the iranian regime. >> if he is to go to the very strong and clear on all of the areas of concern that the international community has with iran, this includes obviously its need to abide by the nonproliferation obligation and ongoing support for terrorism and disregard for human rights inside of iran. >>une -- un officials say the secretary general see says this to push for diplomatic solutions to all of the problems between iran and the west, shep. >> johnathon hunt on the stand off with iran. we expected the national hurricane center seven o'clock p.m. update to come in early and it just happened . we'll go to the fox weather center next. stay tuned.
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update now on fox top store storse. american airlines and southwest and united suspending operations in new orleans. no flights out of the airport. and republican national convention get set in earnest to going tomorrow. today in tampa it was a symbolic open quick adjournment. there is an update of tropical storm isaac which is not yet a hurricane. it is soon. where are we now? >> it is head line is that the storm slowed down further and that is a legacy. not storm surge or flooding but the fact that this storm is going to slow down and that will be days and days
7:58 pm
unfortunately of strong winds and storm surge and flooding. we are looking at the potential for tornados and north and east of tampa. . are we'll look at the new advisory that is just released. we are expecting a hurricane over night and hepered look at the time line. battering waives and winds and surge for 24 hours moving in to the new orleans area . but this is not just a new orleans storm it is it a coastal louisiana and mississippi and northern gulf coast needs to be alert. we'll bring you the latest. janice dean live for us. thank you. a plane spotted a tropical depression in the atlantic ocean that was the storm that
7:59 pm
caused one billion in damage. in 1965, that was hurricane betsy. the storm followed an unusual path. after crossing over puerto rico it headed up florida and appeared to the carolina and all of the sudden, it turned south and hooked around the tip of florida as a category 3 and barreled right to new orleans. when it finally made landfall it devastated the gulf coast and skill killed 75 people and sank hundreds of ships and flooded 164,000 homes in new orleans and manyas a result the army corp of engineers built the lev levs that famously failed 7 years ago. now you know the news for moay


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